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Superior Software. Better Grades.

Better Grades. Same Effort.

Focus your limited studying time where it matters the most

Reverse Grade Calculation

Determine the required minimum score for your next assignment or test to achieve a target overall grade

Real Time Notifications

Get notified of changes in your grade as new assignments are added

What If? Analysis

Determine the impact on your overall grade from a hypothetical result or range of results on an upcoming test

Unsurpassed Graphical Analysis

Graph and examine historical fluctuations in your grades

It happens to every student...


  • Where will my limited study time make the most difference - English or Math?
  • What's the primary cause of my B+ in Spanish? Is it possible to get back to an A before the quarter ends?


  • My grade changed on Tuesday, but I didn't know until Friday
  • How did an 87 on the test lower my Math grade to an 85?


  • My school only shows letter grades, but do I have a low A or a high A?
  • How well do I have to do on the next test to change my B+ into an A- in History?

The Gradezilla System

Understand and improve your grades like never before with real-time notifications and a robust system for analysis and future projection

The Gradezilla Solution

Gradezilla Analyze

Understand your grades like never before by analyzing and predicting the impact assignments have on your overall grade.

Key Features

  • Determine future assignment grades necessary to achieve a desired course grade outcome
  • Perform What If? Analysis
  • Calculate precise numerical course grades

Gradezilla Notify

Receive realtime notifications of individual assignment grades and understand their impact on your overall course grade.

Key Features

  • Fast & Easy to set up and use
  • Real time notification of new/modified grade postings
  • Customizable notification frequency
  • Customizable message triggers

16,160 grades analyzed to date